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Hello and welcome to one of the few English-language references on the internet dedicated to collecting French military inignias, regimental unit crests that each unit often created for uniform wear.


I'm a private collector based in the U.S. who has focused on collecting French military badges for the past 15 years. A French language fluency allows me to bring what I've learned to share with English-language collectors! In that time, I've seen that such information is very hard to find in the US and often collectors completely avoid the genre because of this 'mystery'. 


The primary goal of this website is to show an appreciation for the enormous variety of badges that existed, as well as their history. I am also establishing sections to aide in identifying badges and to assist in dating them. 


As a private collector, I'm always interested in discussing the hobby with a fellow collector or making an offer on your piece!


Email me to connect:

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