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french insignia book

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A Reference Guide to Collecting French Insignia


Now available, this collector's reference to understanding French military insignia offers English-speaking collectors a unique chance to get information on the subject not previously available.


Containing over 160 color images and 40 pages, the book details the identification and interpretation of french insignia badges by manufacturer characteristics and markings in an easy-to-understand way, helping YOU the collector to find diamonds in the rough!


I've used many of the concepts in this book to purchase RARE and local-fabrication insignia that were underappreciated by sellers and even other collectors. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. 


This guide outlines identification and symbolism for many of the French military's unique branches and also explains the manufacturer landscape of the famous firms that created these pieces of art.


Not to be forgotten, the important subject of fakes and reproductions is also discussed to better prepare the collector on key signs to avoid in potential purchases. Additionally, a BONUS article on dating French Parachutist Wing insignia badges is included at no charge.


Act now to buy this new reference so you can start leveraging greater knowledge to build your collection and better understand the hobby!


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