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Dating your French military insignia


Interested in dating your French insignia and getting more information on manufacturer's markings?

DRAGO: Presented are several early Drago manufacturer marked pieces that typically date to the pre-World War 2 era as demonstrated by the early styling of the "Rue Beranger" address with "Depose" marking

o Chobillon Paris

o A. Augis

o Arthus Bertrand Paris Depose

o "Drago-Paris-Nice"

o "Drago-Paris-Nice" with the "Olivier Metra" and "Depose" markings

o "Drago Depose"

o "Fraisse-Demey Depose"

o "Fraisse Paris" 

o "S.E. EBY Co." (A US Manufacturer of many Free French naval badges)

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